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The Art of Wall.

A Deep Dive into Wall Art & Wallpapers selection..

Embarking on the journey of selecting wall art is not just about filling spaces; it’s about creating atmospheres, invoking feelings, and expressing personal style. Let’s walk you through the nuances of bringing your walls to life with art that speaks volumes.

Measure Your Space

Whether you’re adorning a square room or navigating the lengths of a rectangular area, the key to wall art that fits perfectly lies in precise measurements. For square or rectangular rooms, use a tape measure to determine the height and width of the wall where you plan to place your art. This will guide you in selecting pieces that are in proportion to your space, ensuring they enhance rather than overwhelm the room.

  • For Canvas Wall Art: Aim for artwork that occupies about two-thirds of your available wall space. This size allows the art to stand out as a focal point while maintaining harmony within the room.

  • For Wallpapers: Calculate the total square footage by multiplying the width and height of each wall. Adding an extra 10% to your total will account for any adjustments or pattern alignments needed during installation.

*Make sure that your wall is flat and smooth, free from undulations and uneven sharp cracks and drill holes for best results*

Envisioning Art On Your Walls

The right piece of art can completely transform a wall, influencing its atmosphere and reflecting the personalities of those who inhabit it. From the living room to the bedroom, and even extending into the kitchen and bathrooms, art is a pivotal element of home decor, setting the tone and enriching the space around. Now, imagine the kind of art you want that redefine your walls, browse Pintrest for best inspirations from the web! Reach out to us for a FREE consultation!

  • Living Room: Envision a space where art ignites conversation and reflects your boldest self. Large canvas prints or an accent wall draped in captivating wallpaper can transform your living room into a gallery of your own making.

  • Bedroom: Soft hues and gentle landscapes invite calm, turning your bedroom into a haven for restful nights and inspired mornings. Visualize waking up to the serene view of a misty forest or a tranquil beach, framed perfectly in your sanctuary.

  • Kitchen & Bath: Imagine infusing these spaces with splashes of joy and color. Small, whimsical canvas pieces or bold wallpaper patterns can turn routine into delight. Think of a vibrant floral canvas greeting you as you brew your morning coffee or chic, patterned wallpaper transforming your bath into a personal spa.

The Balance of Art and Lighting

Achieving harmony between colors and lighting is akin to capturing magic. It’s not just about filling spaces but creating an environment where each piece of art has the room to tell its story, complemented by the perfect play of light. An abstract canvas wall art can command a room or a majestic elegant wallpaper can set the tone for the space, setting an ambiance of awe and reflection. The secret lies in giving your wall the light to shine.

  • Finding the Perfect Balance: In the realm of wall art, balance is everything. A single, large piece can anchor a space, setting the tone and mood. Conversely, a curated gallery wall can narrate your story through a collection of smaller pieces. The trick is not to overwhelm the senses; allow each artwork room to breathe and be appreciated. With lighting, your walls come alive. Natural light reveals their true colors, spotlights accentuate their best features, and dimmable lighting can set the mood, making darker colors deeper and more intimate.

  • Colors and Light: Our art thrives under any lighting, reflecting their true essence in daylight and glowing softly under ambient lights. Colors can shift with the light, offering new perspectives and moods throughout the day. In a typical 1000 sq ft apartment, positioning a large canvas on a central wall capture attention from various angles and wallpaper with perfect lighting plays a big role in ensuring the the walls stand out

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