Evening Serenade


Available in two exquisite build types: the Regular – Light & Slim (sizes 12×18 – 22×34) offers a sleek, lightweight design perfect for effortless wall hanging, while the Premium – Heavy & Thick (sizes 12×18 – 48×66) features a robust, thick frame, transforming each piece into an enduring centrepiece.

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“Evening Serenade: Vintage Tram Canvas Art” captures a moment in time where the city’s heartbeat slows to the rhythm of a gentle rain, bathed in the glow of twilight. This piece isn’t just a cityscape; it’s a narrative that showcases the dance of light across wet pavements, and the steady pulse of an old tram making its way through the historic streets. The artwork is a portal to an era of quiet elegance, where the rain’s patter is a soothing serenade and the street lamps are the city’s gentle guardians. It’s an ideal piece for those looking to imbue their living room with the sophisticated calm of a rain-soaked evening in the city. In a bedroom, it brings the romance of a bygone time, offering a dreamy escape into a world of soft lights and gentle reflections. And in an office, it serves as a reminder of the world’s timeless beauties, inspiring poise and reflection even on the busiest days.

Our art pieces are masterfully crafted, blending exceptional design and precision printing. Available in two exquisite styles: the ‘Regular – Light & Slim’ offers a sleek, lightweight design perfect for effortless wall hanging, while the ‘Premium – Heavy & Thick’ features a robust, thick frame, transforming each piece into an enduring centrepiece. Crafted with top-quality canvas and printed in high-definition, every detail and texture springs to life, ensuring each artwork resonates with realism and depth. With options in both rolled and framed canvas, our art isn’t just a decor element; it’s a century-long testament to artistic storytelling, ready to elevate your home or office space.

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Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Build Type

Regular – Light & Slim, Premium – Heavy & Thick

Frame Style

Black Frame, White Frame, Brown Frame, Gallery Wrap, Canvas Roll


12×18, 14×20, 18×24, 20×30, 22×34, 24×36, 26×38, 30×40, 36×48, 40×60, 48×66

Materials Used

Genuine Canvas Fabric, Non-Toxic inks, UV flat bed and large format printers for precision prints, MDF boards with wood and fibre frames. Regular – Light & Slim: Printed on genuine canvas fabric, fixed on a slim and light frame providing an elevation of 1inch from the wall. Ideal for hanging on false walls or if you are on a budget. Premium – Heavy & Thick: Printed on genuine canvas fabric, fixed on a heavy and thick frame supported with a 6mm MDF board providing a hard front for better durability and longevity of the artwork with an elevation of 1.2-1.5inch from the wall. Ideal for renovation or new home projects, provides a premium artwork addition to go with your interiors. Canvas Roll: Artwork printed on genuine canvas roll and delivered in cylindrical cardboard casing.

Shipping Time

All orders are shipped and delivered in 6-8 working days. Tracking numbers will be provided when the order is shipped.

Returns and Refunds

All artworks are made on order and are made to the customers requirements. Orders are eligible for returns within 24hrs of delivery and only if damaged or wrong artwork delivered.

Payment Options

You can pay on delivery or place a prepaid order, we accept all major credit, debit and UPI payment providers. *For pay on delivery orders, customers will be contacted for an advance payment for making charges*

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